Good in Seattle Creating sustainable connections within our community.

Sustainable Foods & Communities

We connect people with the small producers and businesses in their communities to help bring good, local, sustainable food to more people while supporting local economies.

We partner with the people who grow and make good food. Our team builds relationships with small family farms, makers, and others who align with our mission to engage in sustainable practices, local communities, and delicious food.

We believe in eating local, so the majority of goods we sell are from Washington (a couple of ciders from BC and Oregon), most from producers within 90 miles of Seattle. When we do select items from further away (to add a special item or two or to round out a box), they are always organic and sustainably grown.

The foods we source are the best we can find, and we’re always looking.

How we started

We started As small business owners during COVID, we found it was difficult to connect with new customers when we weren’t able to interact with them in person. Previously, we’d formed physical connections as we united communities. As Covid-19 necessitated our need to social distance from each other, we created Good in Seattle as a way to connect with the businesses and people we used to meet every day.

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