• AO Wines – 2019 Darling Pet Monkey 750ML


    Tart red fruit galore. Mouth watering acidity. Slight bitterness. Long peppery finish. A welcomed change of pace. A killer wine to share with your white wine friends that might be just getting into reds.

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  • Kiona Winery – 2018 Lemberger


    From Kiona: Our small, family-owned and operated business has benefitted immensely from our four-decades long association with the grape, if for no other reason than Lemberger’s rarity and charm. In many circles, Kiona is synonymous with Lemberger in the western hemisphere. Are we going to become fabulously wealthy and retire on mega-yachts because we’re selling this quirky wine for <$20 a bottle? Certainly not. But it does have intrinsic, memorable appeal that extends to our operation as a whole. Lemberger is a tasty bit of liquid intrigue.

  • Orenda – 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon


    Extended age in new and mature French oak harmonize notes of deep plum with subtle aromas of oak. Combined with a touch of Petite Verdot for richness and added body, this is a classic Cab built for any occasion.

  • Kind Stranger – Rosé 750ml


    This blend of Grenache, Mourvèdre and Cinsault is a very pretty pale salmon color. The aromas pop with notes of sour cherry, watermelon and bubblegum. Bone-dry, crisp, light flavors follow with high-wire acidity in this wine. Pink grapefruit notes persist on the finish. Acid hounds, this one’s for you. It needs food alongside it to show its best.