• Bellewood Acres – Honey Roasted Peanut Butter


    Made fresh on the farm, our Honey Roasted Peanut Butter might just be the tastiest thing on the planet. Tastes great paired with apples or on a yummy sandwich. Peanuts are roasted in honey and then ground fresh at Bellewood Farms. It’s all natural and contains no additives, preservatives or homogenizers so stir at every use. Tastes best at room temperature. Ingredients: Peanuts roasted with honey and ground to a perfect texture (16oz)

  • Bro Joe’s – Lil’ Dressing

    Bro Joe loves salad. But, as Bro Joe told us: “I buy a big bottle of salad dressing, use it once, let it sit in my fridge for two years, then throw it out.” These lil’ 4oz bottles of salad dressing are for you, Bro Joe.

    Flavors vary pending availability.

  • Coro – Guanciale (Cured pork jowl)


    Cured pork jowls are a must-have for chefs and the secret ingredient in carbonara.   It’s the key to a proper al’amatriciana.   Try it once and you will imagine it going into your sauces, soups and even your veggie dishes.  Cook for 2 minutes on medium high.

  • Fresh Perspective – Black Garlic 2oz


    Texture: Soft and spreadable

    Flavors: balsamic and sweet molasses

    What to use it in: sauces, rubs, spreads, dressings, infusions, marinades, pizza and salad toppings and desserts

  • Lummi Island – Medium King Salmon Steak (9-12OZ)


    Our wild king salmon steaks have a rich and buttery flavor with soft-textured flakes and a velvety finish.  Also known as chinook, tyee, or blackmouth salmon, king salmon are prized for their high oil content, firm texture, and rich flavor. The fish’s flesh color can range from deep red to pale white, or “ivory.” This prized winter white flesh is only found in about 10% of kings. In most cases, though, buyers should expect a pale pink or orange color from their king salmon.

    King Salmon Steaks come with bones in and skin on, which help the fish retain its moisture and delicious fats and nutrients throughout the cooking process.

  • Lummi Island – Albacore Tuna Medallions (Sushi Grade) – 6oz


    By the producer:

    These medallions are troll caught by albacore pioneer Paul Hill, ensuring the fish are humanely handled throughout the process. Just minutes after each catch, the tuna is blast frozen while still at sea, preserving its delicate, succulent texture. Our albacore medallions are then processed while frozen, allowing the fish to retain the best-possible taste for when it eventually reaches your doorstep.

    Our sushi-grade albacore tuna makes a fast and healthy omega-3 rich meal. We ship albacore tuna medallions frozen and packaged as boneless, 6-ounce pieces that diners can enjoy either raw or cooked. We like to keep a few packages of medallions in the freezer at home, ensuring we are never more than a few minutes away from a delicious, healthy meal.

  • Mama D’s Frozen Cookie Dough


    6 cookies in every order!  Choose from 3 great cookie flavors and bake at home.

  • Mama D’s Pickled Asparagus


    Thier original recipe pickled asparagus, no sugar, no oil and just the right amount of spice!

    Try it on a pasta salad, antipasti tray or in a Bloody Mary.

  • Mama D’s – Apricot Jam


    Washington grown apricots, cane sugar, lemon and that’s it!

  • Shipping The Best of Seattle Out of Seattle


    Free Shipping Over $120 on USPS Orders.

    If you are shipping to someone out of state, you must not have any additional items in your cart besides what is added from this page.

    A long time coming, we’re proud to showcase some of the PNWs finest for consumption anywhere in the Continental USA. The below items can all be sent to you without needing to be in our delivery area.  Choose A La Carte from some of our favorite items.

  • Thai Fusions – Massaman Curry Sauce Ⓥ


    Massaman Curry is a southern Thai curry with heavy influences of Indian and Malay cuisine as well. The combination of cultural influence makes this Thai curry a fusion that is uniquely special. Our Massaman is 100% plant-based, mild in heat but rich in all the exquisite Thai flavors our family recipes are best known for. Create a traditional Thai curry by slow simmering, for use as a marinade, or add broth for a delicious Thai coconut soup base. Thaifusions is our family’s labor of love. A way to share our Mom’s original Thai recipes with the world. It began with our award-winning restaurant “Toi” in Seattle and has grown into a line of authentic Thai sauces and curries. We hope you enjoy it. Khap Khun Kha!

  • Vashon Garlic


    Choose between small (7 heads) and large (15 heads) traditional braids. Each head has been cleaned, cured, and is ready to eat! Vashon garlic produces certified organic heirloom garlic is grown on Vashon Island and will last a year in a cool dark space. It can also be hung in your kitchen where it will last at least 6 months and most likely longer. Garlic should not be stored in the refrigerator. To remove a head from the braid, simply snip with a pair of scissors.

  • Ferndale Farmstead – Round Bale (Parm Style) ~1/4lb


    Round Bale takes its name from the circular hay bales common to the acreage around Ferndale Farmstead – a literal round bale of hay. During the spring, you’ll often see fresh hay sprouting from the bale tops, symbolizing the regenerative circle of life attached to the land and to Ferndale Farmstead’s Seed to Cheese operation. With a similar texture to a well-aged Parmigiano, Round Bale is its own unique blend of cultures applied to the freshest quality milk from their farm and then lovingly aged for 18 months to produce a truly unique gold-medal-winning cheese at the American Cheese Society 2019.

  • Cascadia – Saw Tooth Cheese ~1/4lb


    A dynamic cheese with grassy notes that reflect the mountain pasture where the cows graze. A milky, firm and citrusy interior that transitions to a mushroomy outer layer capped in a natural rind reminiscent of a soft cloud. Aged bloomy rind – aged 60 to 75 days.

  • Thai Fusions – Panang Curry


    Fresh, fragrant spices and sweet coconut milk make Thai curries deliciously different – and there is no better example than the Thaifusions Curries. The Panang is rich, warm, and a bit spicier than their Green Curry, its deep orange-red color comes from the fresh herbs and spices speckled throughout.

    Like they’ve done for generations, they handcraft each small batch to ensure every ingredient reaches peak flavor – creating nuanced notes rarely found in curries.

  • Twin Sisters Creamery – Whatcom Blue ~1/4lb


    Aged, full-bodied and creamy, their raw milk blue has aged a minimum of 60 days, with its savory flavor profile, Whatcom Blue stands proud on a cheese board and compliments many recipes.

    Winner -2nd Place Peoples Choice award – Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival

  • Local Chark! – Local Meats & Cheeses

    $25.00$48.00 or subscribe and save 5%

    A mix of prepared charcuterie featuring local cheeses, fruits, and meats along with delicious olives, nuts, and more!  It’s perfect for 2-3 people who love a snack board.

    The photo is representational as this will include a mix of the best available fruits and cheeses from local and organic producers.

  • Gift Card


    Share the local goodness and give a gift to brighten someones day.

  • Ralphs Greenhouse – Rainbow Carrots


    Ralph’s Greenhouse became certified organic in 1988, the year Washington state started its organic program. Ralph’s son Ray now carries on the family farm tradition with the help of the many good people who work with him, most of whom work at the farm all year long. Because of their good work the farm is able to sell organic Northwest produce every month of the year.

  • Girl Meets Dirt – Italian Plum Cutting Preserves


    Made with Italian Plums from original Crow Valley orchards, this rich preserve is gorgeous with any strong, soft cheese.  If you like prunes, you’ll swoon.mon juice.

    4.5 ounces.

    Handmade on Orcas Island