• Produce & Pantry Share

    $0.00$55.00 or subscribe and save 5%

    Order Now For Delivery November 6th

    An assortment of primarily local, fresh, and organic fruits and veggies along with a special snack or two like granola or spiced nuts. To see the next upcoming selections and past boxes, go here.

    What makes this box special? The freshest produce and great local snacks. Don’t worry, you won’t be getting a box completely filled with kale, but instead a mix of delicious and organic fruits, veggies, and other tasty foods.

  • Good Evening Box

    $48.00$256.50 or subscribe and save 5%

    Order Now For Delivery December 4th!

    Have fresh and prepared food come to you!  This ever-changing delivery box flows with the seasons to keep things fresh and features ready to cook and whole foods.  All boxes include foods such as:

    • A main grain/dish (like Lagana Pasta  + Sauce, Naija Buka Rice, Local Soups, and more.)
    • A light appetizer – ready to cook (such as a farm-fresh salad, dips, spreads, etc.)
    • Dinner side to round out a meal.
    • Simple Dessert (Cookies, Carrot Cake, Pies, etc.)
    • Seattle Flower Market – Bouquet by Good Weather.
    • Random Bonus Product gifts from farmers and producers.

    View the fresh sheet of this week’s boxes here.  You can enter dietary preferences as well as add on other needs below or in your order notes. You can adjust options later as your needs change.

  • Drink Share – Beer

    From: $15.00$18.00 / week

    The best of Seattle beer. Whether you just want an IPA, or you want to get weird and experimental, we’re here for you. Generally a 4-pack or a 750ML bottle.

    You’ll get beers from breweries like Holy Mountain, Cloud Burst, Campo Colvos, Seapine, Chainline, Ravenna Brewing, and more.

  • Cider Share

    From: $20.00 $19.00 / week

    The PNW (and western Canada) are known for great ciders.  Select from sweet or dry and choose how adventurous you are.  You’ll get cider from places like Seacider, Nashi, Eaglemount, Heritage, and more!


  • Wine Share

    From: $19.00$33.25 / week

    Select the type of wine, the cost, and the quantity you are looking to get.  We’re working with several Sommeliers and many local wineries to help us pick wines for you!

  • Meat, Fish, & More Subscription – Local Share

    From: $0.00$23.28 / week

    Always sustainable, ethical, and delicious.  Want to add something substantial to your dinner delivery?  The option deliveres everything from Salmon to Beef to Chanterelle Mushrooms depending on your dietary restrictions and selected options.  The share features a rotating selection of proteins and sides that will make your week special. Each subscription aims to satisfy 2 people.  If you have a larger family or want more for yourself, simply increase the quantity.

  • Local Chark! – Local Meats & Cheeses

    $23.00$44.00 or subscribe and save 5%

    A mix of prepared charcuterie featuring local cheeses, fruits, and meats along with delicious olives, nuts, and more!  It’s perfect for 2-3 people who love a snack board.

    The photo is representational as this will include a mix of the best available fruits and cheeses from local and organic producers.