Thai Fusions – Massaman Curry Sauce Ⓥ

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Massaman Curry is a southern Thai curry with heavy influences of Indian and Malay cuisine as well. The combination of cultural influence makes this Thai curry a fusion that is uniquely special. Our Massaman is 100% plant-based, mild in heat but rich in all the exquisite Thai flavors our family recipes are best known for. Create a traditional Thai curry by slow simmering, for use as a marinade, or add broth for a delicious Thai coconut soup base. Thaifusions is our family’s labor of love. A way to share our Mom’s original Thai recipes with the world. It began with our award-winning restaurant “Toi” in Seattle and has grown into a line of authentic Thai sauces and curries. We hope you enjoy it. Khap Khun Kha!