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  • Chelo – Vegan Butter

    $6.00 $4.00

    Delicious. Vegan. Butter.   Freezes very well.

  • Skiyou Ranch – Beef Stir Fry

    $17.50 $10.00

    Organic Beer cut for stir fry from Skiyou Ranch in Sedro.  In strips and ready to be seasoned and the.cook.  Will be delivered frozen

  • Eyrie Vineyards – ‘Spark’ Sparkling Rose


    A casual sparkler from an innovative blend of grapes. The initial aroma of pear and citrus rind further develops on the palate over a structure of crisp acids and creamy fruit notes. An initial rush of exuberant bubbles is quickly followed by a soft effervesence. Slight astringency balances the richness from extended lees contact, and deftly carries the finishing tones of blood orange and wild strawberries.

  • Lummi Island – Medium King Salmon Steak (8-11OZ)

    $25.00 $15.50

    Delivered Frozen. Our wild king salmon steaks have a rich and buttery flavor with soft-textured flakes and a velvety finish.  Also known as chinook, tyee, or blackmouth salmon, king salmon are prized for their high oil content, firm texture, and rich flavor. The fish’s flesh color can range from deep red to pale white, or “ivory.” This prized winter white flesh is only found in about 10% of kings. In most cases, though, buyers should expect a pale pink or orange color from their king salmon.

    King Salmon Steaks come with bones in and skin on, which help the fish retain its moisture and delicious fats and nutrients throughout the cooking process.

  • Fresh Perspective – Black Garlic 2oz

    $5.00 $3.50

    Texture: Soft and spreadable

    Flavors: balsamic and sweet molasses

    What to use it in: sauces, rubs, spreads, dressings, infusions, marinades, pizza and salad toppings and desserts

  • Alpenfire Cider – 2018 Discovery Trail Cider | Still Rosé blend 1.5L


    The 2018 harvest of our Olympic Discovery Trail is a very special blend. We took 3 varietals of redfleshed apples (Almata, Pink Pearl, & Airlie Redflesh) blended them with our Dolgo crabapples to create a perfect summer sipper with a nice blush color with no adjuncts or colorings. Completely dry, no carbonation, light tannins, and high acid make this extremely drinkable and complex.

  • Mama D’s Frozen Cookie Dough


    6 cookies in every order!  Choose from 3 great cookie flavors and bake at home.

  • Mama D’s Pickled Asparagus

    $9.00 $6.00

    Thier original recipe pickled asparagus, no sugar, no oil and just the right amount of spice!

    Try it on a pasta salad, antipasti tray or in a Bloody Mary.

  • Lummi Island – Albacore Tuna Medallions (Sushi Grade) – 6oz

    $13.00 $9.00

    By the producer:

    These medallions are troll caught by albacore pioneer Paul Hill, ensuring the fish are humanely handled throughout the process. Just minutes after each catch, the tuna is blast frozen while still at sea, preserving its delicate, succulent texture. Our albacore medallions are then processed while frozen, allowing the fish to retain the best-possible taste for when it eventually reaches your doorstep.

    Our sushi-grade albacore tuna makes a fast and healthy omega-3 rich meal. We ship albacore tuna medallions frozen and packaged as boneless, 6-ounce pieces that diners can enjoy either raw or cooked. We like to keep a few packages of medallions in the freezer at home, ensuring we are never more than a few minutes away from a delicious, healthy meal.

  • Best of PNW Cider Sampler Box

    $125.00 $110.00

    Our Favorite Northwest Ciders – Bundled Up and Brought to Your Door.

    This grouping of cideries brings together some of the most interested, delicious, and distinctive ciders from the PNW.   Includes the following ciders in 750ml (except where noted):

    • Sea Cider – Wassail – Winter Spiced Cider aged in Woodinville Whiskey barrels
    • Eaglemount – Rhubard – Very Drinkable rose cider. Absolutely delightful, semi-dry.
    • Nashi Orchards – Varietal TBD
    • Son of Man – Basque Style cider with lovely and interesting funk.
    • Dragonhead – Wild Fermented
    • Snowdrift or Wildcraft (500ml)

    Subject to change as supplier availability adjusts.

  • Son of Man – Basque Style Cider


    Wild, unexpected, untamed, complex … these are just a few of the words we’ve heard people use to describe Son of Man‘s Sagardo cider. It’s a palate-electrifying, head-scratching experience that is worth at least a couple sips.

  • Grace Harbor Farms – Pumpkin Spice Eggnog – 32oz


    The only Eggnog with no thickeners or artificial flavors added!  Seasonal flavor! Pumpkin Spice Eggnog with the flavor of whipping cream on top

  • Shipping The Best of Seattle Out of Seattle


    Free Shipping Over $120 on USPS Orders.

    If you are shipping to someone out of state, you must not have any additional items in your cart besides what is added from this page.

    A long time coming, we’re proud to showcase some of the PNWs finest for consumption anywhere in the Continental USA. The below items can all be sent to you without needing to be in our delivery area.  Choose A La Carte from some of our favorite items.

  • Bro Joe’s – Lil’ Dressing

    Bro Joe loves salad. But, as Bro Joe told us: “I buy a big bottle of salad dressing, use it once, let it sit in my fridge for two years, then throw it out.” These lil’ 4oz bottles of salad dressing are for you, Bro Joe.

    Flavors vary pending availability.

  • Mama D’s – Apricot Jam


    Washington grown apricots, cane sugar, lemon and that’s it!

  • Kiona Winery – 2018 Lemberger


    From Kiona: Our small, family-owned and operated business has benefitted immensely from our four-decades long association with the grape, if for no other reason than Lemberger’s rarity and charm. In many circles, Kiona is synonymous with Lemberger in the western hemisphere. Are we going to become fabulously wealthy and retire on mega-yachts because we’re selling this quirky wine for <$20 a bottle? Certainly not. But it does have intrinsic, memorable appeal that extends to our operation as a whole. Lemberger is a tasty bit of liquid intrigue.

  • Machine House Brewing – Porter


    A classic Brown Porter with notes of chocolate malt and a clean finish. Pours a deep, dark reddish-brown, with lovely aromas of cocoa, caramel and dried fruits. Rich in malt character but still very easy drinking

  • Thai Fusions – Panang Curry

    $10.00 $7.50

    Fresh, fragrant spices and sweet coconut milk make Thai curries deliciously different – and there is no better example than the Thaifusions Curries. The Panang is rich, warm, and a bit spicier than their Green Curry, its deep orange-red color comes from the fresh herbs and spices speckled throughout.

    Like they’ve done for generations, they handcraft each small batch to ensure every ingredient reaches peak flavor – creating nuanced notes rarely found in curries.

  • Sauk Farms – Honeycrisp Apple Cider (N/A)

    $8.00 $5.00

    Shockingly delicious.  A staff favorite.

    • Made from 100% organic Honeycrisp apples
    • No sugar added, no water added, no preservatives
    • Low temperature pasteurized, shelf-stable
    • Cold-pressed, made from clean, fresh fruit
    • 4.5 apples in every 16 ounce bottle
  • Coro Sample Pack – Mole & Classic


    Two longtime favorites come together in snack-ready slices in our sliced combo pack.

    Our Classic salami honors timeless, old world flavors but adds a new spin with garlic and a hint of ginger.  Our Mole salami was inspired by the magical fusion of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors from the kitchens of Mexico.

    Sliced pack includes 2 ounces of thinly sliced salami and is ready to eat.

    The cured meat is shelf-stable. Refrigeration is not required.