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From fresh pastas and sauces to fruits, veggies, and cheeses, we bring the best of the Northwest to your door (or for pick-up)

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Whether you’re interested in a bi-weekly subscription, a one-off delivery box, or getting gifts for your co-workers or family, we’ve got you covered. Produce, local meat, groceries, and more. All sourced from farmers and producers who use organic and sustainable practices. Delivered to your door or available for pick-up.

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Local shares support local businesses and give you access to fresh veggies, fruits, breads, drinks, and more delivered to your door.

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Take a look at our Good Boxes to get a curated mix of the best Seattle has to offer, from breakfast to dinner.


Fill out the pantry and fridge with great local foods and products delivered to you.

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I’m always so excited to get these boxes! They are so full of yummy things.


They feel high end, high quality! We love the breads, cheese, pasta, sauces, nuts, olives, meats…


LOVING all the local companies I have discovered from your boxes.


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